Monday, February 27, 2006

It's Been Two Weeks Since I Walked Out

Well I've been busier than ever since I quit 2 weeks ago. Lu, Dana, Misty and the rugrats came down Saturday for a tux fitting only to learn that they RR didn't need to be there until one month before the wedding. UGH - sorry guys for the that big inconvenience.

Lu gave Misty a tour of the house and naturally it was a wreck. Now, if the two of you would like to come back now would be the time to do it. I have been cleaning like a mad woman. It's amazing how much crap you accumulate. I'm surprised we have enough room to walk around in this place.

Last week I headed out to a job placement agency for medical offices. They will be calling me this week for an interview. I would love to stay home and continue to down size but hubby says - HELL NO - Marti you have an expensive hobby...spending money!!! Oh well, guess it's back to the drawing board.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

I DID IT....!!!!

I quit my job...yes you heard right. I walked out Monday. I was pissed, fed up with the whole thing and had a bruised ego....whew- what a relief! Hubby is still in shock but me, I have never felt better!

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Friday, February 10, 2006

Two of My Favorite Things!!!

You Belong in Paris

Stylish and a little sassy, you were meant for Paris.
The art, the fashion, the wine, the men!
Whether you're enjoying the cafe life or a beautiful park...
You'll love living in the most chic place on earth.

What City Do You Belong In?

You Should Date An Italian!

You love for old fashioned romance, with an old fashioned guy
An Italian guy is the perfect candidate to be your prince charming
If your head doesn't spin enough, just down another espresso with him
Invest in a motorcycle helmet - and some carb blocker for all that pasta!

Which Foreign Guy Should You Date?

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

For My Dear Friend Deb

If I could catch a rainbow
I would do it just for you,
And share with you its beauty
On the days you're feeling blue

If I could build a mountain
You could call your very own,
A place to find serenity,
A place to be alone

If I could take your troubles
I would toss them in the sea,
But all these things I'm finding
Are impossible for me

I cannot build a mountain,
Or catch a rainbow fair,
But let me be what I know best,
A friend who's always there

Sydney Thacker

My dear friend is dying from ovarian cancer. She has been in the hospital for 2 weeks and is getting worse each day. I love you Deb and will greatly miss you.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Just For Fun

I stole this from Cyl who stole it from Jules now we're all theives!

All the one's I have done have an X before them. Feel free to do this yourself - or not ;)

[X] I've run away from home

[] I listen to political music

[] I collect[ed] comic books.

[X] I shut others out when I'm sad

[] I open up to others easily

[X] I am keeping a secret from the world

[] I watch the news

[] I own over 5 rap CDs

[] I own something from Hot Topic

[X] I love Disney movies

[X] I am a sucker for hair/eyes

[] I don't kill bugs (I hate lots of bugs - so yes I kill them every chance I get)

[X] I curse regularly (Especially when I'm drunk, happy, mad, glad or sad)

[] I have "x"s in my screen name

[] I've slipped out a "lol" in a real conversation

[] I love Spam ( freakin' way - the meat product taste like shit and email spam drives me insane)

[X] I bake well (when I cook which is hardly ever)

[] I would wear pajamas to school (Are you kidding me! The school would all become violently sick! All the kids would have to seek therapy because of the freak show!)

[X] I have a job (I am so miserable at this job...looking for a new one)

[] I love Martha Stewart (maybe not LOVE but hell, I would LOVE to have her money. Don't be fooled the chick has plenty left in the bank)

[X] I am in love/like with someone

[] I am guilty of tYpInG lIkE tHiS

[X] I am self conscious (At times ..... become more confident when drinking)

[X] I like to laugh

[] I smoke a pack a day (I don't smoke a pack- afterall, I'm a drunken social smoker)

[] I loved Go Ask Alice

[] I have cough drops when I'm not sick

[] I can't swallow pills

[X] I have many scars

[] I've been out of this country (One day!)

[X] I can't sleep if there is a spider in the room (Hell No! I hate those suckers!)

[X] I am really ticklish

[X] I love chocolate!!! (OMG who doesn't?)

[] I bite my nails

[X] I am comfortable with being me (Ok I have to agree with Cyl - who else can be this comfortable being me?)

[] I play computer games/video games when I'm bored (I'd rather sleep)

[X] Gotten lost in the city (I must admit to this one Lu - "I'm Fine! I'm Fine!)

[X] Saw a shooting star

[X] I had Surgery (both knees - I'm not bionic but I do have teflon screws in both shins holding my knee caps in place)

[X] Gone out in public in your pajamas (Again - Freak Show! But have done it taking the kids to school)

[X] I have kissed a stranger

[X] Hugged a stranger

[X] Been in a fist fight with the same sex (Use to fight all the time especially anybody who challenged me)

[] Laughed and had milk/soda come out of your nose

[] Pushed all the buttons on an elevator (This is one thing that really pisses me off! I get into the elevator and someone has pushed all the buttons - No thank you, I don't want the scenic tour of every freakin' floor)

[] Made out in an elevator (No but have fantasized about it)

[] Swore at your parents (At least not to their face)

[X] Kicked a guy where it hurts

[] Been skydiving

[] Been bungee jumping

[X] Broken a bone (cracked my head open once diving in the swimming pool)

[X] Played spin the bottle

[X] Gotten stitches (I want a zipper tattooed on all the scars just on my knees)

[] Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour

[X] Bitten someone (Isn't bitting foreplay? ;)

[] Been to Niagara Falls

[X] Gotten the chicken pox

[X] Crashed into a car (no but I crashed a car)

[] Been to Japan

[X] Ridden in a taxi

[] Shoplifted

[] Been fired

[X] Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back (makes life a bitch)

[X] Stole something from your job (I thought most people do-ink pens, toliet paper, copying paper, co-workers husband)

[] Gone on a blind date

[] Had a crush on a teacher

[] Celebrated Mardi Gras in New Orleans (I have been to New Orleans 2 wks before Mardi Gras and it was just as wild! When is New Orleans ever not wild?)

[] Been to Europe

[] Slept with a co-worker

[X] Been married (Still am 21 years)

[] Gotten divorced

[X] Saw someone/something dying (My boss is currently dying from cancer - she is in the hospital as I speak)

[X] Driven over 400 miles in one day

[] Been to Canada

[X] Been on a plane

[] Seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show

[X] Thrown up in a bar (tequila)

[] Eaten Sushi (Oh HELL NO!)

[] Been snowboarding

[] Been skiing

[] Been ice skating

[] Met someone in person from the internet

[] Been to a motocross show

[] Going to or have gone to college

[X] Done hard drugs (JD, vodka, tequila, beer, speed, mary any of these count?)

[X] Taken painkillers (Oh Yea babeeeee)

[X] Cheated on someone else

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Monday, February 06, 2006

Mom, Please Listen To What Your Body Is Trying To Say.....

Thursday, I get this phone call from sis Lu. "Mom is at the ER. She called me crying with her leg hurting". I began thinking to myself, what's happening to Mom? Why can't she have a peaceful life? Why does she have to put up with all the bull*@#! that she does? Why???

Sis calls again (later)- The docs think Mom is having a stroke. She doesn't have any feelings in her right leg and right arm. Now, here comes the panic mode - then the anger - now the sobbing. The doctors really don't know what's going with her but she is refusing to stay in the hospital. Her main doctor finally told her if she didn't stay overnight, she could die. She stayed but wasn't happy about it.

I go up Friday (she was already home) not knowing what to expect. There laid my momma in her recliner - trying to rest. Dad was sitting in his chair and I sat down on the couch. Mom, I said, what are you going to do now? Well she smiled and gave me this look that only a daughter understands. I knew what she was going to do.....go back to work just to get a little peace and quiet.

We talked for a few minutes then dad starts with his regular I'm hungry routine and never ending drama. I told him I would go get him something to eat. Mom insisted upon going with me. Mom! You just got out of the hospital and you're in pain. She didn't care, she needed to get out for a few minutes. I drove we talked, got dad something to eat then went back to their house.

After that all hell breaks loose! I'll fill in the details another time. I understand why mom feels like she has to work. I understand why she feels the need to get out of the house for "few minutes". But, I think she realizes that her body is screaming for her to STOP - it's time to take a break! I can't continue going on this way. We talked about this for a while Saturday and I hope that she listened....

Mom, I love you and don't want ANYTHING to happen to you. I couldn't imagine life wihout you. Please take care of yourself....remember I'll find a way to put you on my insurance, all you to say is I'm on my way to my room.

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