Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Wasting Away In Margaritaville, Spanish, Tequila

Ok, I learned that A) I really shouldn't try to learn Spanish while drinking much less try to use it 2) I don't need to pour margaritas from a pitcher while slightly intoxicated....ok plastered and C) Boy howdy! What a difference tequila and a day makes....

Some friends and I went to one of our favorite American Mexican restaurants - Las Margaritas. Now we had every intention of having a good time. The only thing Marti didn't plan on was trying to talk to the server in Spanish - I did have somebody with me trying to tell me what to say. Southern girls need not speak Spainish-emphasize the word Spain...I was told our server patted me on the arm and said that's ok...you really shouldn't try. Alrighty then, I'll give my hand at pouring more drinks.....ok this drunk server spilled half the pitcher of margaritas all over the table...oh the beauty of tequila running off the edge of the table.

I don't quite remember getting to my friends house....she and her boyfriend helped me down the stairs, who in the heck puts a bar on the top floor of a 2 story building with no elevator? I handed my keys to my buddy's boyfriend, stumbling down the stairs all the while saying I'm going to be sick - thank God that never happened.

The next day....unbelieveable, I felt GREAT....who knew!

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Friday, November 18, 2005

Happy Friday and It's Finally Fall

Although the leaves have pretty much fallen off the trees, it officially feels like fall. It's nipply outside and time for bulky sweaters, hats, gloves and heavy coats! As I mentioned before, I love this time of year.

Lu, I hope you are doing well...hang in there. Jonah will be ok....love you Sis.

Vickie, where the heck have you been? I haven't talked to in like forever...love and miss you Sis.

TGIF!!! I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

To Answer Your Question, Ease Your Mind and Kill the Curiousity

No, I'm not having an affair....and no, "The Kiss" was not about me.

Now I know who trusts me and who doesn't

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Monday, November 07, 2005

Drama, Drama, Drama.....

My everyday life is nothing short of boring...thanks to Heather and her continuous drama. Sometimes this drama can be overwhelming then at times....the drama or role playing can be so degrading.

I am in charge of parking for all the events held at our college stadium. I am the person who has to make sure that enough people are at these events to cover all parking entrances. Saturday - football game....parking covered....

After the game, a bunch of us decided to go out. None of us had eaten a good meal and so..off we went. Now, I am 39 years old and shouldn't have to check in but...needless to say I chose not to call home and just took off. OH MY GOD big mistake! Heather called my cell phone several times. Bret called my cell phone a couple of times...I didn't hear it ring...

Well, it was 1:00AM when I pulled in my driveway. How do I know this?

Here we go....Mom, what time did you get home last night? I don't know. I know it was after 12:30. Mom, it was 1:00 AM. How do you know this Heather? Because I was talking to Dad (who by the way was home) when you pulled in the driveway. Oh, why were you talking to Dad? Because Mom, we (Dad, Holly and me) were worried and didn't know where you were. Dad thought you were still at the stadium. We had to take Steven's friend home so on the way back Steven, Holly and I drove by the stadium to see if you were there. You did? Yes, it was 12:30AM and the stadium was empty. So Mom, where were you and who were you with? Um....Heather, are you checking up on me? Should I be? No! I'm an adult and don't need a babysitter. Mom, obviously you don't care what you do or how it affects this family.

I'm thinking to myself you little brat...who the heck do you think you are? I DON'T have to answer to you!

Later that night, I was talking to Bret....I told him about mine and Heather's conversation. Then I proceeded to tell him that I don't want to be responsible for anyone but Robin....do I have to get permission to go out? He said I should have called...he didn't know if I had been in a car wreck or whatever. So, I do need your permission...Bret, don't take this the wrong way but, I don't want to be a mom, wife or anything anymore. No, I don't want a divorce...I just want to run away for a while. I want to be me! You're gone through the week and can leave everything here and me....well I want to go away and you stay here and deal with everything.

He understood what I was saying but still...

Heather, you're a good daughter and I love you but, no, I don't have to check in with you or get your permission to go out. You don't have the right to tell me that obviously I don't care what I do or how it affects the family. I appreciate the fact that you worry about me but you know what....one day when you become Mom, you'll understand what I'm talking about.